How to get a job at Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest online company owned by the One-time world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. Started in 1995, The company opened up as a bookselling company, gradually adding more and more items while expanding to other cities within the USA and outside. Presently online in most parts of the world, Amazon sells almost every product that has been produced or made in any part of the world. By creating sale avenues for people from manufacturing countries like China, It’s pretty hard not to find an item listed on Amazon.

With its headquarters in Seattle, Amazon has over 175 “fulfillment centers’ as they are called, and most of them are based in North America and Europe. These fulfillment centers are so named because they exist to “fulfill” orders placed by their customers. They are mainly warehouses that serve as stop points for associates to pack, confirm, repack and send products purchased by the customer to the final destination required.  

According to, In the fourth quarter of 2019, The tech giant recorded earnings of $87.4 billion dollars, thereby reaffirming its position as one of the best companies to work for today.

Common Types of Jobs Available at Amazon

Many job opportunities exist within Amazon, from working as an associate in one of their warehouse or fulfillment centers to jobs for young undergraduates or people who are pursuing educational growth to even jobs you can do from home remotely. Different Job descriptions are available for job seekers. If you are interested in working with Amazon, here a few ways you can strive to get a job with Amazon

  1. Visiting the company jobs website is your most direct and legitimate route. This cannot be emphasized enough. You are sure that open positions advertised on the company’s website are real and they actually exist.
    • By clicking on drop-downs to navigate the website, you can select available jobs and desired locations.
    • Opportunities that exist within Amazon subsidiaries are also posted up on their website. You could get your chance that way.
  1. For those based in Europe and America, face-to-face interviews are conducted at fulfillment centers. Find out the locations of the centers close to you and visit them to drop off your resume, if your position is available at the desires location, Recruiters will reach out to you.
  2. Recruiters are available in some universities looking for young and emerging talent to help expand the company. These persons, if hired, end up being a part of the Student programs and work as Interns with Amazon.
  3. Amazon also has active positions for people in the Military and Veterans. By visiting this website  if you are in the military, you can browse open positions and partner with amazon recruiters.
  4. Referral from an Employee: Employees with the company refer to themselves as “Amazonians”. Getting a referral from someone who already works with the company and asking him/her to put in a word with their supervisor, after establishing where your best fit is could work for you. Also reaching out to employees via professional work sites also helps, sometimes. It may not get you your dream position but it could, definitely, get your foot in the door.

Resume Samples & Writing Guides for Most In-Demand Jobs at Amazon

Now that you have submitted your resume, Gotten a referral, being approached by a recruiter or found a spot through the military program and you are awaiting an interview with the company, what do you do?

  • RESEARCH: You can never have enough knowledge about something. The best companies are constantly evolving and growing every day. This is a major point with the company Amazon. You need to read about the company, study it’s vision and mission statement, find out about their Visions for their company and their customers, and find out where you can align with them personally. All these will be beneficial to you when it’s time for your interview.
  • PREPARE: All relevant documents you know you will need, resume, Transcripts, references should be ready and printed if needed. So when that call comes, you won’t be left wanting.

Warehouse, fulfillment and Logistics Position Requirements

For those who want to work at the warehouse/fulfillment centers you will need 

  • To be, at least 18 years of age as at the time of your application
  • Have a High school degree or its equivalent
  • You don’t need to have a resume or experience to apply

Marketing, Logistics, Legal, Finance and Business Operations Positions Requirements

For those who want to work in other branches/departments of the company you will need:

  • A minimum of a high school degree or its equivalent 
  • To be at least 18 years old as at the time of your application
  • For positions that will require experience, a resume stating where you have worked with experience and skills well stated.

For Technical positions, you will need a degree in the specified field and probably  experience depending on the position advertised and what the job description entails.

Amazon Application Process

To get a job with them, there are some sure ways to get an interview. 

  1. Most fulfillment centers have hiring events and open their doors to everyone. Some welcome applicants who just walk-in with their resumes, others prefer to send invites. For those who accept “walk-ins’, Find out the event dates via the website, and go prepared with your resume and documents needed.
  2. For those who require invites to attend these “job fairs’, Visit the page/website connected to that Fulfilment centre and register to attend. Don’t forget to take all you need for your interview and more.
  3. Another way is to visit the website, register as a new or a returning applicant and submit your Resume. If you have no experience, write down your strengths and Skills. If you have a customer profile on the website, you will need to register a second profile as an applicant.tact n Addi a contact number will help amazon keep you up-to-date with job alerts on available positions and updates on jobs you have applied for.

Interview Preparation at Amazon

You may be asked for a face-to-face interview or a telephone interview, depending on the role you are being interviewed for. Whatever the case is, Make sure you have done proper research on the company so as to align your answers with the questions asked. 

FACE-TO-FACE & On-Site Interviews:

You may have 1 or more interviewers at at time. Remember to smile and have eye contact with everyone in the room, whether they seem relevant or not. Avoid the fixed smile and keep a polite demeanor all the time.

If you have more than one interview in a day, as that could happen sometimes, remember to behave professionally. Firm handshakes, smiles and real expressions. These Amazonians, most of the time would like to interact with the real you and not what you want them to see. Try to be yourself and don’t pretend.

Phone/Video Call Interviews:

If you are being interviewed over the phone, remember to convey your mood to the person or persons on the other end. Smile, as this is communicated to the receiver most times, especially for jobs that require Customer Relations or Customer interactions. Avoid the use of foul language and be true to yourself.

Post-Interview Process:

Follow up with a call or email to be current with the interview process. You may not get that particular position but reaching out will make you remembered for any other position that fits your skill set.


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