Administrative Professions

Administrative resumes to help you find your next job.

Software Engineer Resume

Congratulations, you have landed here because you are looking to get a job as a Software Engineer. On the upside, your industry is one of the fastest growing, given the obsession VC has had with tech startups throughout the last decade. Another perk is this industry is lacking in supply, at least in the United […]

Business Administrator Resume

The role of Business Administrator is not unlike that of a Secretary or Personal Assistant – but taken to the next level. Many businesses are opting to employ a Business Administrator instead of having both a Secretary and an Administrative Assistant; after all, one is more cost effective than two – so be prepared for […]

Receptionist Resume

There’s a common misconception about the role of receptionist, often reinforced by negative media images, suggesting the job is an easy one and consists mostly of talking on the telephone and making cups of tea. This is not the case at all. Receptionists are highly skilled communicators with excellent IT skills and a proficient typing […]

Office Manager Resume

Most businesses, at some point, will require an Office Manager to keep track of day to day business, so this is a very stable career choice with a future. There are opportunities in all sectors, from small business to huge corporations and public organizations. The role of the Office Manager is to oversee all aspects […]

Executive Assistant Resume

Starting out in a career as an executive assistant can be a tricky business, as not all businesses choose to have them. Not all executives will have an assistant because at this level a competent sidekick doesn’t come cheap and a good business model will often include scaling back on expenditure. Instead, in an era […]

Data Entry Clerk Resume

Working as a Data Entry Clerk requires quick typing skills, accuracy and a whole lot of persistence. It is a profession that combines various aspects of technical knowledge, administrative knowledge, management skills and record keeping abilities. A skilled Data Entry Specialist is a multifunctional asset for companies both small and large and can be employed […]