The Arts

Artistic industry resumes to help you find your next job.

Interior Designer

Overview Interior Designers are responsible for creating an indoor space into whatever the client wants it to be – futuristic, functional, sustainable, classically beautiful, artistic, etc. If this is the career direction for you, you will be creative and innovative with exceptional problem solving skills and a great understanding of space, color, and textiles. A […]

Graphic Designer

Overview The key role of a graphic designer is to work with clients, most typically companies, to create a visual brand that will elevate their success and profitability. You will assemble images, forms, color, fonts, and layouts to communicate ideas and concepts through visual mediums such as magazines, websites, and brochures. Key skills include listening […]

Fashion Designer

Overview Fashion Designers work on developing new ranges of clothing and accessories to meet the needs of an ever-shifting fashion culture. Such designers may be employed by a specific brand or high street chain and given objectives to work towards, or may be able to develop their own brand. Your direction you take with your […]


Overview Becoming an artist takes passion and commitment and may be more of a vocation than a calculated career choice. The industry has slower than average growth at about 3% over 10 years and competition for funding and commissions can be fierce, so you have to be truly inspired to succeed. However, if art is […]

Art Director

Overview Art Directors are responsible for the visual style of a company dealing in imagery. Magazines, newspapers, theaters, films and television all rely on Art Directors to make everything come together in an aesthetic way that appeals to the key demographic (target audience). Career opportunities may exist in publishing, marketing, public relations and production. Many […]