Business Professions

Business resumes to help you find your next job.

Product Manager Resume

As a Product Manager, you will assume responsibility for a team of production line employees. Not only that,  but you will be constantly on the lookout for new ideas, innovations and opportunities – both for increasing the profitability of your existing product line and for developing something new. So, in essence, this is a threefold […]

Operations Manager Resume

Management is a varied job title and can span a wide variety of more niche specialities from human resource management, marketing management, accounting management, executive management, and beyond. However, it is the role of the General Manager, or “Operations Manager” to oversee the day-to-day ongoings of a business and ensure all departments and their respective […]

Chief Executive Officer Resume

If you’re considering a career as a CEO, you need to be highly skilled and well qualified; after all, this is the front line we are talking about! You’ll need experience at all levels of business management and a good head for finances, resources and efficiencies. This is a great career aspiration but be aware […]

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Resume

If you have an analytical mindset, are a Tableau and SAS power user, and have the ability to think outside of the box to create innovative solutions then this writing guide is for you. With the continual growth of IT solutions, many businesses are turning to experts like yourself to provide information on business trends, […]

Human Resources (HR) Resume

Knowledge and experience of Human Resources will mean you are never short of job opportunities, at least that’s the idea right? Although the trends in job titles are changing (as businesses become more focused on the value of employees and moves away from referring to them as a human resource) the HR Department is still […]