Finance Professions

Finance related resumes to help you find your next job.

Financial Analyst Resume

Financial Analysts are decision makers – they do not make all of the big decisions, but through detailed and accurate assessment of the company’s finances, they help to form strategic direction; so, this is a role for someone with specialized skills and a good head for ownership and accountability. This role is broader in scope […]

Chief Financial Officer Resume

A CFO is responsible for the strategic planning of a company’s financial growth and development and for assessing and managing financial risks. As a CFO, you will assist in formulating the future direction of your company, develop strategies, lead a team to ensure the successful implementation of those strategies, contribute to the wider senior leadership […]

Bookkeeper Resume

The role of a bookkeeper is broadly similar to that of an accountant in terms of everyday tasks but may lack formal responsibility for tax returns, focusing more on the day to day finances of small to medium sized businesses and therefore often requiring less formal qualifications. Bookkeeping courses are easy to access and can […]

Bank Teller Resume

The Bank Teller is the face of the financial institute – the person behind the counter who smiles warmly and helps customers to open new accounts, transfer funds, make withdrawals and complete many other in house transactions. Be wary though, if you are ambitious and dream of moving through the ranks to Bank Manager, this […]

Accountant Resume

There are lots of jokes about Accountants and it’s a sad fact that the profession is seen as somewhat boring and straight laced, which may deter people from venturing into the field. The truth however is very different. If you have a good head for numbers, the ability to carry out quick and accurate analysis […]