Information Technology

IT based resumes to help you find your next job.

IT Specialist

Overview IT specialists are the techies that we all know and love in a business environment. Any business that relies on computer software will need an IT specialist at some point, whether they keep one in house or hire a freelancer or consultant. So, where you take your career in IT is entirely up to […]

Front End Developer

Overview A Front-End Developer designs, builds and develops websites and applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The ‘front-end’ bit essentially means that this developer is working on the visual components and features of the web application that are seen and accessed by the end user (the customer). So, whereas a Web […]

Chief Information Officer

Overview A CIO is a Senior IT Director and usually a member of the board. This is a high-flying career path and one that is accessed by years of experience in related roles rather than being something you can aspire to straight out of university. Once you reach the level of CIO, you will be […]

App Developer

Overview A truly modern career choice for a technological age, an Application Developer will work with businesses to identify software solutions to a wide range of problems, and will design and develop that software to meet the business needs. App Devs may work independently, providing bespoke solutions for a wide range of business clients, or […]