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Security Guard

Overview Security Guards ensure that something – be it a person, a building or an asset – is kept safe. There are several different career avenues that can be pursued, from personal security (protecting VIPs) to building security (museums, banks, shops…) and to providing on-the-door security at public venues. Often, Security Guards have previous experience […]

Police Officer

Overview There will always be a need for law enforcement officials and Police Officers are the front line. This is a great career choice with very good advancement potential and the chance to make an excellent wage once you have sufficient experience. The entry requirements can be tough. As well as having a good basic […]

EMT Firefighter

Overview The aspiration of every child who wants to be a hero! Firefighter EMTs are the first responders to fires and medical emergencies. This is a great career option for those who fit the psychological profile and there will never be a shortage of available positions, with an estimated wage of around $48,000 per annum. […]

Correctional Officer

Overview A Correctional Officer works in a prison/jail and is responsible for the maintenance of rules among both inmates and those awaiting trial. It is a good position for someone with natural leadership and authority skills, but also for someone who is looking for a career that makes a difference. Your typical day will be […]