How to get a job at Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed refers to an American digital media company that’s seemingly constantly in the news, either for it’s immense reach and growth or for it’s blunders and contractions.

As an online publisher of pop culture Buzzfeed mainly focuses on internet media, as well as news and entertainment content. Every time you interact with the internet, you are most likely going to see Buzzfeed content.

The Buzzfeed family of online publications includes:

  • BuzzFeed News (reports on current events, politics and trending hard news)
  • Tasty (Food reviews, recipes and other culinary articles)
  • Goodful (Fitness and diet focused articles)
  • BringMe! (Travel stories from around the world)
  • As/Is (Fashion, makeup, and relationship focused stories)

Due to the high-quality content posted by the social news and entertainment company, it has been able to amass a great following, totaling more than 150 million followers at the moment. 

Due to its already established popularity, many people would wish to work with this company. What is the experience like to work with this digital media house? This article takes a deeper look at this.

Is it worth working for Buzzfeed?

To start with, many people think working with Buzzfeed is a good thing. The nature of work found at the media house does not involve too much work at the office. F

or example, a writer working for the organization does not necessarily have to work in the office. In effect, the job can be said to be good in terms of the good balance between work and your social life.

The salaries paid to employees at the company are also above the average industry pay. The yearly remuneration for employees will vary from $ 43000 to $115000 depending on the type of job and level of experience and expertise. This is not a bad salary and provides further proof of the benefits of working with Buzzfeed.

Opinions on work culture vary greatly depending on who you ask. Obviously those who are currently employed and paid by Buzzfeed will have a higher opinion or be less confident about being transparent.

Conversely those who were fired or quit will probably skew towards the more negative in terms of their opinion.

Below is one of the more balanced personal stories of working in Buzzfeed:

Do you need a degree to work with Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed employs different types of workers to help complete its tasks. Whether a degree is required or not will depend on the type of job you are seeking, but it is not mandatory.

For example, if the company needs to hire a finance executive, they would most likely look for a person who has a degree in finance as well as the necessary experience.

Some jobs that Buzzfeed may hire for that could require a degree might include various digital marketing roles or web development positions.

However, even those who don’t have degrees can work with the company as writers, depending on their professional experience and skillsets. For example professional fashion designers who are writers for fashion related news may not need relevant degrees.

Similarly graphic designers or other design heavy positions usually focus more on portfolios and previous projects than university experience. 

The underlying issue is; a good and experienced writer can make a better editor than a trained journalist who is armed with a degree but with no experience.

How to get paid to write for Buzzfeed

To start with, the digital media company has its own set of writers who are employed to write content on a regular basis. These are highly skilled, competent, and experienced writers. Despite it not being mandatory, trained journalists stand a higher chance of being hired as writers with the company.

Apart from the people who are employed by the company, anybody else can write for the company and get paid for it. The average pay for such people is around $0.25 per word, which is quite good.

For your article to be accepted and published, you will first have to pitch the editor with a couple of written samples. The editor will only accept submissions that are in strict adherence to their editorial guidelines, meaning similar to your resume, all work submitted must be completely free of any spelling and grammatical errors.

The article should also be similar to other content posted on their site to increase the likelihood of it being accepted and published since there is precedent.  

Buzzfeed also has a section that allows many writers to post their articles freely. To do this, all you have to do is to create an account with them, create relevant content and post it on their site. Writers can earn doing this by adding links to products they sell or links back to their monetized websites.

Working at Buzzfeed vs. Google

Getting a job at Google is not a walk in the park. There are two main reasons why this happens. First, the quality standards required to be admitted as one of Google’s employees is quite high. Sadly, not many people can prove their worth and eventually get a job at the company.

The second thing is the high number of applicants. Due to the many people aspiring to work with the organization, every job post will invite lots of applicants. Only a few would be chosen eventually.

The processes involved in getting a job with Google do not differ from those followed by other organizations.

You first have to apply for the job, attend the interview and do your best to show you are the right candidate. After that, you wait for the outcome. If you don’t get hired, you can still send your application the next time they have a vacant position.

Ready to apply to Buzzfeed? Start your journey by creating an account and logging into their official career portal here:

What is “Ladylike” all about?

Ladylike refers to a video series that is posted on Buzzfeed regularly. Currently, the team consists of five women who are into making videos that are posted on the company’s website.

Anyone can work as a ladylike. All you have to do is to apply for the position and if you have what it takes to be ladylike, you are most likely going to be hired.

Buzzfeed Internships

Most companies and organizations like to nurture young people by offering internship opportunities. Buzzfeed and Google are not an exception. Both two companies have an internship program that takes in various people to fill various positions.

This presents the interns with an opportunity to gain experience in their fields of study and help build up your resume. However, the fact that they are still getting trained does not mean they go out empty-handed. Both two organizations provide salaries plus other allowances to the interns while they are with them.

Internship opportunities also provide good avenues for the interns to be absorbed by the company and become full-time employees. The increased networks they get while doing an internship could help them land jobs with the firms. They also get to be the first to know of any job opening and stand a better chance of being hired.

Copy My Resume Advice

Most people have been dreaming of landing a lucrative job with Google and Buzzfeed. Despite the fact that getting jobs with these companies is difficult, it is still achievable.

The trick lies with perfecting on your skill and learning the best ways to get into the companies. Ass this article has discussed, some ways like getting internships with the companies can be one of the easiest ways to land a job there.

Applying to Buzzfeed FAQs

What degree do you need to work at BuzzFeed?

Ideally mass communications, marketing, or business related Bachelors degrees will form the basis for a strong application. Particular skillsets and work experience may augment or supplant the weight put on educational experience in some instances.

How much money do BuzzFeed employees make?

Pay can range from $0.25 per word for individual self-employed contributors to $225,000+ for executives. Final compensation will be determined by multiple variables including position, title, and previous experience.

Do you still have a job at BuzzFeed?

They still bring in millions of visits a month and are still making advertising revenue so they will likely be around for some time to come.



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