We are a community based, not-for-profit band of current and ex HR professionals with the single-minded goal of providing accurate, actionable and descriptive resume advice to all types of job seekers. Our team is small and passionate, but we are but a tiny school in the ocean of online career resources. For this reason we are actively seeking qualified contributions from other HR professionals or industry experts.

If you have unique insight or expertise regarding resume writing, cover letter writing, interview preparation or hiring within a specific industry and would like to contribute we would love to hear from you. The more individuals we can have come together to educate job seekers the more fluidly the labor market will flow and the better off America will be as a whole.

  1. We have a few guidelines regarding work we publish which include:
  2. Topic must be resume/career relevant.
  3. Article must be 100% original and creatively written.
  4. We prefer articles with rich media included, which you must own rights to.
  5. We prefer articles that are “fully fleshed out”, meaning they often exceed 1,000 words in length. If you are a linguistic savant though we will consider submissions with fewer words.
  6. Finally, but most importantly, we need a REASON to publish your article. Re-hashing topics that have been beat more than the expression “dead horse” don’t provide any benefit for our users and thus wont’ be published. Try to take a unique angle, provide unique insight, conflict a status quo, heck, just make us laugh and you’ll have a much higher chance of being published.

*We only accept writing from qualified applicants. This means you must be open in sharing your work experience and credentials when submitting a proposal. We will follow up ONLY with applicants we feel have satisfactory expertise that will be of use to our readers. 

If this is you, please fill out the form below and we’ll be following up shortly!

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