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Care services, such as babysitting, tutoring, senior care, and housekeeping, are always in high-demand. Parents will always need someone responsible they can rely on to care for and assist with educating their younger children. Older children will always need someone responsible they can rely on to care for and provide companionship for their aging parents. People will always need someone responsible they can rely on to assist them with keeping their homes neat and tidy. In other words, jobs in the caregiving industry are always in high-demand. That said, the problem is, if you’re a caregiver, trying to connect with those who need your services can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a solution: is essentially an online job board that is dedicated to gigs in the caregiving industry. It’s a great way for responsible working-aged teens to earn some spending cash, and for dependable adults to earn some extra money – or to even find full-time work! But how much money can you make on Whether you’re familiar with but you’ve never really explored it or you’re still trying to figure out how to navigate the site, or this is the first time you’ve heard of it and you’d like to learn more, if you’re interested in using, keep on reading. From landing gigs to maximizing your earnings potential, and even the pros and cons of using the platform, below, you’ll find some handy tips that you can use to make the most of 

What is is an online marketplace that connects those who provide caregiving services to those who are looking for caregivers. Founded in North Waltham, Massachusetts, the digital platform provides employment opportunities to those who provide various types of care to families and individuals who require an array of care services. 

The mission of is to provide the general public with an easy way to find high-quality and reliable care services at affordable rates, and to provide caregivers with an easy way to find those who are seeking the services they provide. The services that are offered on include personal care, such as babysitting, tutoring, and housekeeping. The site offers commercial care services, as well, as it connects with companies, such as child care and daycare centers, to provide dependable employee benefits; Delta Airlines, HubSpot, TripAdvisor, and Northwestern University are just a handful of the large organizations that use the services that are offered on to provide their employees with benefits. In addition to positions in the care sector, the corporate division of also provides a variety of full-time jobs in tech, business, marketing, and data collection fields. 

How does Work? 

Using is rather simple for both caregivers and care seekers. 

Those who are seeking caregiving services can create a membership with and post ads on the digital platform to find dependable providers that will meet their needs. Care seekers can also use the site to create shortlists and conduct background checks on the candidates that have applied for job postings utilizing the tools the platform provides. 

Caregivers can create memberships on to search for part-time gigs and full-time employment. To do so, you can create an account, search through the job listings that have been posted in fields that you are interested in, and apply for relevant jobs. 

It’s important to note that does not directly employ care providers; rather, the site acts as a conduit, of sorts – an online platform that connects caregivers with those who require care. All of the providers who wish to use the service to find work must successfully pass a CareCheck, the company’s background check, to confirm they are eligible for employment. Private entities can use the site to find a variety of care services that meet their needs; babysitting, daycare, tutoring services, housekeeping, aged and disabled adult care, and even breastfeeding support, for example. 

How Much Can You Make on 

As per Indeed, the earnings potential varies; however, the following is the average hourly income for some of the most popular categories: 

  • Childcare providers = $20 per hour
  • Housekeeping services = $15 per hour
  • Nannies = $14 per hour

According to Glassdoor, the average pay range for nannies is between $16 and $19 per hour, and the average earnings for childcare providers is $19 per hour. 

A caregiver’s earning potential on depends largely on a variety of factors. The following factors have a direct impact on base pay rates: 

  • Job title (type of care services provided)
  • Experience
  • State of employment (where the services will be provided)
  • Employment status with the company reports that New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Houston, San Diego, and Chicago are the locations that offer the highest hourly pay rates for babysitting and nanny services and don’t neglect your babysitter resume when applying. 

Pros and Cons of

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons associated with finding work on If you’re seeking employment in the caregiving sector, the following overview of these advantages and disadvantages will help you determine if using this online platform is the right choice for you. 


  • Good ratings. As per reviews shared on some of the most popular job search platforms, such as Indeed, has received good ratings. The reviews that are offered on this site have been provided by both current caregivers and full-time employees. 
  • Flexibility. Those who are seeking part-time work as a caregiver will like the flexibility that provides. The job opportunities that are listed are quite flexible, and include freelance and remote positions, as well as full- and part-time job opportunities. 
  • Benefits packages. offers Benefits Bucks to independent caregivers, which is definitely appealing. How does it work? The company takes a percentage of the transaction fees they collect and add them to a benefits program for each caregiver, which can equate to about $500 per year. The money can be applied to a variety of benefits, such as healthcare, prescription drugs, education, and even transportation costs. 
  • No degree needed. You don’t need a degree to find a job on All you have to do is sign up and successfully clear a free yearly background check in order to gain access to part-time job listings. You can also purchase a membership, which will make you more visible to those who are seeking caregivers. 
  • Legal work. When you find employment through, your earnings will be legal. Legal earnings aren’t the norm in the service sector, as many individuals pay cash, off-the-books. When you get paid through HomePay,’s payment platform, you’ll have the opportunity to qualify for things like home loans, health insurance, and even social security benefits. 


  • High competition. Depending on where you live and the number of members in your location, the competition on can be pretty steep. Those who have premium memberships on the platform, have previous experience in the field they are looking to provide services for, who have special credentials, and good references are more apt to land a job than those who do not. 
  • No protection. When you provide caregiving services on, you are an independent contractor. As such, you will not be able to gain access to a lot of plans that are intended to provide employment protection. Job security and the amount of work hours you receive depend solely on the party you will be providing care to. 
  • Low work-life balance and income. Negative comments posted on Glassdoor claim that the work-life balance at is subpar because of the high workload demand. Additionally, some who obtain employment through the site complain that their rate of pay is low. While it’s true that there are decent and even high-paying jobs, the competition for those types of positions is much steeper. 
  • Not available everywhere. At the time of writing, the services offered by are only provided in big cities throughout the United States. If you live in a smaller city or a remote town, you will have to commute greater distances to obtain employment through, otherwise, you will not be able to access the opportunities that are offered on the site. 

How to Seek Employment on

Whether you’re interested in providing childcare, aged care, or even pet care services, may be the perfect option for you. The following tips will walk you how to set up an account and become a caregiver. 

  • Create an account. First, you’ll need to sign up on the site. Simply visit on a computer or mobile device, click on the “join now” tab, and complete the prompts to create a profile. Examples of some of the questions you’ll be asked include your legal first and last name, mailing address, email address, and password. 
  • Choose your services. You’ll also need to select a specific service area when you’re creating your profile. When you first sign up, the site will only allow you to select a service area; however, later on, you can add more services, which may allow you to find more gigs. Options include babysitting, child care, senior care (you can get started on your resume here), housekeeping, pet sitting, tutoring, in-home daycare, medical services, and more. 
  • Complete your job summary. After you’ve created an account, you’ll need to complete a professional profile. Here, you’ll include a summary that details past experiences that relate to the services you would like to provide, as well as the salary you’re seeking, desired employment location, job titles, and years of experience. 
  • Background check. You’ll need to successfully pass the background check (CareCheck) before you’ll be eligible to provide services via the platform. This background check is mandatory and it must be completed once a year. 
  • Apply for gigs. You can now start applying for jobs. Search through the listings in the areas you are interested in. If you’d like to provide more than one service, you can now update your care service list. Submit applications to gigs you feel you are qualified for. You’ll have to clear the selection round and care seekers may require an interview. Investing in a premium account will help to increase your visibility to employers. 

How to Increase Earnings on

To make the most out of the site, here are some handy tips that you can use to maximize your earnings potential on 

  • Include a profile picture. Don’t make the mistake of not including a profile picture. Care seekers want to see what those who are applying to provide care for their loved ones look like before they hire them, and a profile picture is a simple way for them to do just that. Make sure the image is professional, friendly, and easy to see. 
  • Include professional certifications. If you have any, you should also include professional certifications that you may have. Doing so will show that you are competent and that you have the credentials that are needed to provide high-quality services, which will help to increase your chances of landing a job – and earning a higher wage. 
  • Assess your hourly rate and increase it. It might sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many people miss this step when they want to earn more money on Simply increasing your hourly pay rate will help to boost your earnings potential. Of course, you should assess your current pay range first, and compare your professional experience and the average earnings rate in your location using the rate calculator that is provided on the platform. After assessing your hourly rate, if appropriate, increase it; however, do keep in mind that you shouldn’t set it too high, as doing so will actually turn care seekers away. 
  • Apply for multiple jobs. That old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” comes to mind. When you’re applying for jobs on, don’t just apply to one listing and hope for the best; apply to as many jobs as possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to maximize your income. 

Final Thoughts provides a viable opportunity to earn income in the caregiving industry. With the right information and due diligence, there’s a good chance that you will be able to earn a respectable and even lucrative income using this online job platform. If doesn’t seem like a great fit, there are other side hustles that allow you to work flexibly as well.

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