How to Get a Job at Microsoft

Are you a person who is so intrigued and motivated by technology? You are probably doing something to do with software development or software engineering or any other thing related to recent technological development.

You are also probably looking forward to working at one of the big names in the industry be it Microsoft, Google or Facebook and even Amazon. These are the biggest software companies which continue to grow and develop and invent and practically push the software industry to a whole new level.

As such they are in this constant search of highly experienced and educated individuals to help them in their growth. This article looks into how you can consider one of these companies as your niche in your career. 

Requirements, Skills and Qualifications

To begin with let us check out anything that you might need to be part of this companies. Almost always in any sphere of life where jobs are concerned, academic qualification is a major priority to consider. Microsoft refers to those with academic qualification that suits their criteria as MCPs, that is Microsoft Certified Professionals.

MCPs are generally required to have a very thorough knowledge in software programs and technology that Microsoft offers. Usually this is accredited to passing a special exam.

Microsoft offers certification of several areas pertaining software development be it managing a database or even web development.

Note that a bachelors degree in a computer science is a very important additional requirement but Microsoft interestingly do not require it at all. What is most important when it comes to Microsoft is actually the skills one has that relate to the job they need.

This takes into account such skills as sufficient knowledge in software programs, how one relates with coworkers and how one relates with Microsoft customers.

Job Application Process

So you are convinced that you are the right candidate with all the qualification and job skills that Microsoft need. What therefore are the next steps? Of course you apply for the position that you consider suitable for you.

Microsoft has so many varieties of jobs that you can choose from. Most are usually permanent but sometimes they do offer part-time positions. Microsoft even accommodates candidates and recent graduates and therefore you are almost always assured of landing some job if you are diligent enough.

Microsoft jobs are usually on their job website where you can browse and find the one that suits you. Like many other platform, one is usually required to have a profile that indicates your application status.

Something peculiar about Microsoft is that one can apply as many jobs as they can increasing your chances of landing one. A resume will be required while creating your profile on their website.

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while you may want to review some of our IT related writing guides, or go straight to our free templates section to download a template to get started with.

Once your resume is submitted, the rest of the process normally takes some weeks before they can summon you for an interview.

Ready to apply? Go directly to Microsofts career portal to create an account and log on here:

The Interview Process

In case you are lucky enough to land your dream job at Microsoft, then here is what you need to know about the interview process and what you can do to officially land your job.

Consider the fact that Microsoft according to the job you have applied usually targets towards getting to know your potential to help them propagate to even higher levels in the industry. They look at a full picture concerning your knowledge in technology, entrepreneurship and even the most common qualities such as if you are willing to work hard and succeed in your position.

Have this in mind as prepare to meet the interview crew. In addition, have sufficient knowledge on the company, how it works, their employees and any other aspect of Microsoft that might be important.

Dress in something that makes you be at ease with yourself and not something that you think is going to impress the interview committee. The interview process takes a little less than an hour or so, and you basically interact with up to an average of about five interviewing members.

The interview covers a wider knowledge ranging from you actually demonstrating your skill to simply sharing your experience about certain skills you have. Be free to share your thoughts, of course that favor you in a way that you can impress the team and earn your job.

After the interview, you can wait up to about a week for you to here from the interviewers. If you are lucky to land the job, you can always write a thank you letter to the crew in appreciation. In summary, Microsoft interview, depending on your preparation can be hard or favorable and the key thing is to ensure that you are properly prepared.

Microsoft Salaries

Salary is I must say what actually attracts as to a certain job and what we give in terms of hard work and capability. Salary is what makes you decide as to whether to work for Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft since all these organizations offer some similar job opportunities.

Let us compare how these organizations feature in terms of salary payment to their employees. The issue of who earns how much almost always follows the fact that a certain person holds a given position that the other one does not have.

For example, Satya Nadella gets a basic salary of about $2.3 million way above any other employee simply because he is the CEO.

Another thing considered is the specific job that one does. Any job concerned with software at Microsoft usually has an upper hand, for instance software developers. On a larger scale however, an employee at Google holding the same position as that in Microsoft earns a little bit more.

In fact, Google is the highest paying followed by Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon coming last.

Work Environment and Dress Code

Work environment at Microsoft is favorable with few future probabilities of collapsing. Employees are assured of a safe working surrounding. Key feature of Microsoft working environment includes:

  • A considerably nice salary that really motivates the employees
  • Team work has really been enforced 
  • A wide range of opportunities in terms of work that one can do
  • Recent change in management
  • Dress code

Looking at dress code and how it influences employees work, let’s compare again with similar organizations. But I must say that dress code to some little extend depends on position one holds although not always.

For instance, some may where suits like the sales people at Google. If you are a person who purely like to where casually, then amazon will be great for you. Also at Microsoft, there is no such strict rules pertaining dress code.

Copy My Resume Summary

Microsoft is a great “blue chip” corporation to work for. They provide competitive salaries, benefits, and work environments.

A company like Microsoft will expose you to multiple business units, fascinating technology and hallmark American corporate culture.

If you are more into startup culture then a large corporation like Microsoft may not be the perfect fit for you, maybe something a little more creative like Google or a smaller business would be better.

Additionally, working for large corporations presents its own unique set of challenges from increased office politics to high managerial layering.

However for young people like recent college grads a company like Microsoft can be a great place to “cut your teeth” so to speak and add a great resume builder to your work experience section of your resume.

Microsoft Hiring FAQs

How to get a job at Microsoft?

Frequently visit their career portal to identify fresh opportunities, make sure you have the required skills, write a resume, upload it, & interview.

How to prepare for a Microsoft interview?

Depending on the stage of interview process the setting may differ but it's always better to be overly prepared than under. This means wearing business formal attire, printing copies of your resume on quality paper, and bringing a pen/paper to take notes and ask questions with. Have self confidence and practice ahead of time and be yourself. That's all you can do really.

How to get a job at Xbox

Xbox is a Microsoft product so it would involve checking the Microsoft career portal and refining your search for any job posting containing the keyword Xbox.

How hard is it to get a job at Microsoft?

That depends on the position. Ultimately difficulty is based off of supply and demand. In positions with less supply, like full-stack developers, it could be considered easier than getting a job as a general marcom for example. There are other variables like personal references and personal work experience and individual skillsets that will dictate the ease of getting hired at Microsoft.

How long to hear back from Microsoft?

People have shared in forums and Reddit that they've heard back from Microsoft within days, others never heard back so unfortunately it seems to vary. A general rule of thumb for professional feedback is 1 week.

What is it like to work at Microsoft?

Most public interviews with current and ex Microsoft employees are quite positive. Most complaints are confined to difficulties faced by all large corporations like communication, politics, large management chains. Microsoft does favor comparably to other large computer brands and is thus a highly desirable workplace for engineering professionals.

Do you need a degree to work at Microsoft?

No, having a degree is not a hard requirement to work at Microsoft. There are roles that don’t require technical backgrounds like operations, customer support and sales. A degree may help with more technical positions like coding, but many of today’s greatest developers never completed formal education so even this is a soft requirement if you have an impressive portfolio or technical background.


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