The Ultimate Movie Lovers Dream Job: How to Get Hired at Netflix

You must have seen before a series commercial on Netflix, and you must have known that some shows is only available on Netflix or is produced by Netflix. Netflix is ​​an American media company based in Los Angeles, California, founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph.

This company was established in 1997 as a company that sells DVDs. They provided a new and unique service that is delivering DVDs via mail by offering their customers a monthly subscription feature instead of paying the costs of each shipment separately. Its start was very modest when compared to its current state their net income now is about 1.866$ billion and they have about 6,700 employee.

Meteoric rise aside, Netflix at the end of the day is in the business of making quality content, both in the form of mini-series as well as full-length movies. This makes it a logical destination for those movie buffs looking to start a career with a company they are truly passionate about. The high growth rate, competitive salaries, and startup culture are just added benefits.

Did you know that you could make a fortune working with Netflix?

The average salaries at Netflix is about 57,438$ to 194,070$ a year. Their employees get free subscription, which means they can watch moves and series as much as they want. In addition, you get the option to buy stock at a discount if you are eligible employee also you get multiple benefits such as Health care, life, vision, and disability insurance.

The bonuses also is considered as an extra salary because it is an average of 5,246$ to 50,081$ per year. However, the average Salary for Screenwriters is about $60,704 per year and for taggers is about 69,906$ per year. The tagger job is to watch Netflix content and “tag” each film and episode with relevant metadata. What a cool job can you imagine being paid for watching movies and series all day?

If you’re ready to find out what working at Netflix is like you can start your application process here:

What should I do to become a tagger at Netflix?

To become a tagger is pretty much easy; you need to apply and pass the interview. Search for the position tagger or as they call it “Editorial Creative Manager”, “Content Analyst” or “Editorial Analyst” using the Netflix jobs and upload your resume directly or you will find application form at the bottom of the job description.

Usually, they search for bilingual and only English speaking candidates. Moreover, you need to pass a writing exercise to gauge your depth of knowledge and to test your tagging and curation skills. They are looking for employees who would help to improve their recommendations algorithms and even create some new tags useful for users. No remote position is available they believe that employees should work in a shared office but occasionally might happens if a team sees a specific need.

What kind of open positions does Netflix frequently have?

There are many options when it comes to working with Netflix; from Customer Service Specialists, Operations Managers, Software Engineer to Senior Managers and Directors. You will have your place with them which every your specialty is. So just find out what your strength are and how to deploy them in the right direction.

Also you need to think of in which place at Netflix should I be and how to make the most used in it, because this what are they looking for employees how share the same dream to accomplish the same goals and deliver the best service to their customers.

If you are fired for any reason, Netflix will not leave you until you find your next job. Which means you get a severance package a full base pay for minimum of four months. They will provide you with the time needed to settle on new company. This is how much Netflix care about their employees and how they want to make sure you are supported in every manner.

Benefits of working with Netflix

You will be amazed with the interesting and great working environment with Netflix. Your future will be brightest if you keep working for them! Every day is a new challenge and you would be considered as expert guy if you do your job with perfection (or done well).

Netflix Team members are very mature and you would have high emotional intelligence if you got a job at this company. That’s also right, this is a dream of many people to work for this company. You will be lucky one if you got chosen for any position there. 

Is it fun to work with Netflix?

According to researches Netflix employees love their work and they describe how happy they are in their work place. In addition, they speak about how much growth they think they had at their workplace. This company usually ranks among the most attractive companies for tech workers.

At Netflix, if you become new parents you will get a year of paid leave. This shows that they actually cares about their employees. Consequently, Netflix employees would not mind going the extra mile to help achieve the company goals.

Netflix is in a league of businesses that balance fun with high pay. Other similar companies you may want to check into if you are considering applying to Netflix might include Apple, Buzzfeed, Nike, Amazon, Tesla, and Google.

Employees Freedom at Netflix?

Do you know Employees have freedom, flexibility, and a voice at Netflix? Yes, chosen people love to work there freely. Many tech-industries are following the same path of Netflix for creating same working environment for their own employees. 

Let us tell you last but not least point for this company, they hire “fully formed adults,” have you ever thought why they do that? Yes, they expect employees to use their freedom responsibly and to produce results. The hiring manager investigate every applicant closely and hire the best one that fit as analytical as well as technical skill guru. 


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