How to get a job working at Nike

Nike! Who has never worn a cloth or shoe written Nike? It’s almost everywhere in every part of the continent. Nike clothes, shoes, and even just their brand have become one of the most recognizable brands in all of human history. 

Now with partnerships with Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and even high street brands like Dior, the humble basketball sneaker brand is elevating itself to luxury icon.

Something important about Nike is that it is a very well-respected American employer and if you are determined, creative, hard-working and diligent enough, it is very likely that you will end up there if you’re into sports or even streetwear. 

The application process to work at Nike is usually very simple and in most cases is primarily just an online application. Nike has stores almost everywhere in many countries and this actually raises your chances of getting a very good job in this noble company.

work at Nike

Nike’s world campus in Beaverton, OR, where most creative, design and marketing jobs are located.

Nike’s Qualification and Requirements for Applying

Most jobs at Nike require that you have immense experience concerning the area that you are interested in working. 

For example, if you want to work in the creative part of the business, like as a Art Designer or Fashion Specialist, you better have a pretty impressive portfolio to share.

If you want to work in manufacturing or logistics, you better have some pretty impressive experience sections on your resume.

The fact that Nike mostly deals with sportswear is very crucial and almost always mandatory. In fact, when applying for the job online at their qualification page, one is usually required to show how much they love sport in a few words just to know how you will fit in.

When it comes to academic qualification, Nike requires very simple qualifications that most people who went to a 4-year school have. In terms of real applicable skills and educational competence, mathematics and an English requirements are the topmost academic qualification that you may actually require to be part of Nike.

Other crucial requirements are usually those that require to interact with other employees as well as their customers, like communication skills.

One therefore is required to be able to be a team player and should work at a considerable rate with other workers for uniformity purposes.

Discreetly, age is a very important requirements almost in a work environment. At Nike, this depends on the work someone is interested. We’re not talking about the nasty effects of ageism, we’re talking about how old you legally have to be to work in retail in the United States.

Jobs that are at the entry level may even legally require individuals with even 16 years of age. Other jobs however will require someone who has at least 20 or so years. Compare this with Gucci which strictly require 18 years of age as the minimum for you to work there, again, mostly for legal purposes.

Nike Application Process

The job application process at Nike as already mentioned is primarily an online process. As such, one will be required to have an account on which they can follow their application process and know the status.

Start your Nike application process directly at Nike’s career portal page here:

Nike has stores everywhere and this makes you can be assured of getting it working anywhere that you like including the US provided that you are legally allowed. You are required to upload a resume that basically depicts you as someone who is sports oriented since part of your interview may require to show that you are such.

The application process also requires you to be true about your availability. This is very crucial if at all you are determined to your dream job at Nike. Simply be honest about this section to avoid compromising your chances and disrupting your reputation to the hiring committee. After your application, simply just relax and be patient enough.

Interview Process

The interview process is a bit complex at Nike. According to what we’ve read from people who have actually been hired, there may be up to three interviews just for a single job opportunities usually in different setting.

This also depends on the position one is interested to have at Nike whether it entry-level sales-oriented position or a more senior management type of job.

Sales level entry candidates normally go through a group interview then finally a direct interview in which one actually interacts with hiring committee. Direct interviews again may be severe but usually two again depending on your position.

This is basically so that Nike may come up with very competent individuals who are able to help Nike fair well against their competitors. As for managerial position, a set of about three interviews are conducted the first of which is a phone interview.

Following the phone interview, the individual then proceeds to have a chat with multiple hiring managers and finally a direct or individual interviews.

A popular myth that exist is that Nike tests for drugs during interviews. This is actually not true and the interview is basically the normal process just like in any other organization.

Here are few tips if you actually want to have a smooth interview process and be able to answer questions with confidence:

  • Be a sports person. Nike deals with sportswear and you are most likely to get a question on your favorite sport.
  • Find something you like about Nike wither their products or services. This not only gives you a sense of belonging but also gives a very positive impression about you to your potential employers.
  • Know something about consumers of Nike products especially athletes and other famous sports person who use their products. Nike will of course like to know how they are faring on in the field.
  • Have some little history about Nike, their origin, their name and even small details like mission statement.

In-Demand Positions and Salary

Several position with varying salaries exist at Nike. One can work in any retail store where they are guaranteed some crucial bonuses and discounts. Interestingly enough, these positions are organized in a sports fashion.

This means that there are positions labelled as coach, athlete and even their assistants.

Sometimes there are seasonal jobs especially during festival seasons.

Salaries will depend on the positions held by the individual. Apart from the salaries, Nike employees have many nice benefits like premium health insurance for example.

All in all, even retail-oriented salaries are very handsome for example with someone like a head coach taking home about $70,000 per year.

Some like entry-level athletes and lead athlete earn about $10 dollars per hour.

When compared to other similar organization, Nike is about in the middle with payment rate, but on the high end for perks.

For example, a job held by an employee at Louis Vuitton will actually earn more (about $72,000 per year). Gucci even pays better, with someone like a sales associate getting some $14 an hour.

Yes, these are luxury brands, but there is no denying that is the way Nike is moving with their Off-White and Dior collaborations and similarly high price tags..

Work Environment and Dress Code

Nike offers a very visible and nice working environment for its employees. Employees may dress in their products as a way of advertising the products.

Besides, there are many benefits that employees are entitled to and serve to keep the employees motivated. Despite the wide competition from other similar companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, Nike is a very great target if you want to develop your career in any field offered.

Ready to go apply to nike? Check out our library of resume samples sorted by job title and industry to get an idea of what you’ll want to include on your resume.

Once you’ve applied, make sure to not forget a thank you letter and also make sure to follow up at the appropriate time intervals post-interview to maximize your odds of successfully landing your dream Nike job!

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