How to Write a Scrum Master Resume

The Position “SCRUM MASTER” has become very popular these days, as people who do these tasks are becoming more in demand these days. According to, the average salary of $91,430 is being paid to Scrum masters in the USA as of February 26th, 2020 with a typical range of almost $80,000 and a little over $106,000. 

Seems this highly sought after position is one to watch out for as top tech companies are constantly searching out efficient individuals to fill the role.

In order to understand the importance of a Scrum Master, it is only right to know who a Scrum master is, what a scrum master does and other characteristics associated with the position. 

Scrum is a framework that improves and encourages teamwork. According to THE ATLASSIAN COACH, its name is coined from the rugby sport and by using self-organization, experiences and assessments get team members on a forward track during project Management. 

This methodology can be used by everyone, however, it’s present popularity is due to its use by Developers of Software in the world of technology. While sometimes considered a framework under Agile, Scrum is simply an outline of things used, appointments, Meeting and job descriptions used in Project Management.

A Scrum Master can be considered the team lead that is there at the top to plug in and support all members of a Project Management Team. He/She facilitates meetings between members, supervises all positions and is there to crosscheck everyone’s work so as to help complete the job on time. The initial reason why the name “SCRUM MASTER” was supposed to indicate people who could play this role and help teach others how to do the same. As of today, this position is more of servitude than leadership.

For you to become a Scrum master, it is important that you possess these skills:

  • Basic Technical Skills, even though this is not a constant requirement.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Great team player and a people person
  • The ability to adapt quickly
  • Human Empathy
  • Thinking quickly
  • Be able to solve problems out of the box
  • Great creative skills
  • Focus 
  • Super negotiation skills

Most of what is needed can be coined into these skills listed above and so it is important you list them out in your skills section on your resume. Having relevant keywords for the position you are applying to is critical in triggering processes in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS software).

Being a scrum master is a very well-paid job and even though AI developers say computers will soon replace those who do easy tasks like setting up appointments and scheduling meetings, for now, Applying for a Scrum master position is still in high demand. 

To get such a position you need to write out a master CV. A master CV/resume is a resume tailored to the specific position of a scrum master. Before you take the time to sit down and craft your resume from scratch, it is important to consider whether startup life is really for you. Many people get burnt out with all of the long hours and volatility associated with new, small, cash-strapped businesses. 

Scrum Masters have a very deep set of skills and can easily transition into more stable corporate jobs if they so please, making the weighting of the pros and cons of startup life something seriously worth considering prior to applying to another startup.

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If you possess all these skills and are interested in applying for a scrum master position, the next time to do is to build your master resume.

Important Things to Include on a Scrum Master Resume

There are other characteristics and keywords that should be entered into your resume, especially, if you are building a master CV.  These include:

  • Putting all your scrum experience in the spotlight: Looking at the job description of a scrum master, have you ever had to do similar responsibilities as a scrum master, even without being in an agile team? If yes, Highlight these in your resume.
  • Get Certification no matter how small: This helps to add more credibility to your application. Most companies will give your resume a double click when they see you have some sort of certification. Remember to search for credible and world-recognized teaching institutes around you. 
  • Use Relevant Keywords: While putting together your resume, use keywords like “scrum master” and “Scrum Master”, “scrum” “agile” e.t.c. Due to the improvement in technology, most resumes are first screened by computers, for your resume to get the human hiring team, it needs to get through these computers to them. Using keywords relevant to the position make it possible for your resume to remain in the running for the position.

Now that your Master Resume/CV is ready for use and you have prepared yourself for the position, there are ways you can increase your chances of getting the desired position.

How to Start Your Scrum Job Search

  • Your Current Job: You can start by asking your present employer for the position after looking around to see where you would fit in and how this position benefits your present company. 
  • Agile Group Meetings: Search and ask around for meeting points and how to attend. Network with people you meet, talk to them and establish relationships.
  • Company employees: Seek out and network with people who work in companies you would like to work for. Attend tech meets, ask questions and keep in touch.
  • Friends and Family: Let those close to you know the exact role you are looking for and educate them about it. You never know who they may meet or network with while going about their daily dealings.
  • Look out for Volunteer Opportunities: Sometimes, your job may be hidden in plain sight. Getting a foot in the door through volunteering and unpaid work.

Frequently Asked Scrum Master Questions

Do I need to be able to code to get a Scrum Master job?

Not necessarily, however, it is advised that you possess some basic tech knowledge as well as a growth mindset so as to be able to fill in gaps within your team.

Is a Scrum Master the same as a Project Manager?

What are some values of a Scrum?

Broad skill sets and willingness to assist others, team representation in business leadership meetings, professionalism, efficiency, continued personal and team development such as training, and leadership.

What is the Agile manifesto all about?

The agile manifesto is a document that was put out and state 4 key values and 12 principles that can be used as an outline to enhance efficiency for software developers. Values include improving human interactions within team and organization, collaboration, speed and adaptation.

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