Coffee Addicts Only: How to Get Hired at Starbucks

Starbucks is a family company; doing their business in many local and international markets. They have a steady record of growing and creativity for about 35 years. They provide themselves as a lead company in managing and deploying their trade brand by using their knowledge and remarkable experience to expand in multiple markets.

Whether you are looking to work as a Barista or if you are looking for a corporate position you will discover that working with Starbucks you are a partner rather than an employee, sharing your powers to accomplish the same goals and achieve mutual success. They continuously engage, honor, train and reward their partners for their continued contributions, and they giving them opportunities to develop their skills and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Starbucks choose their employees very carefully, what is required is merit, the ability to adapt and engage in their teamwork, and they are looking for is  the desire to take the Starbucks mission and principles to the extreme; in order to achieve this, their training program focuses on operating skills, consumer service and coffee education.

One of the unique things about them is that they provide health insurance to almost all of its regular employees and even part-time workers, which is rare in restaurants and cafes companies. 

Another cool feature of working for such a large chain are relocation possibilities. Once you prove yourself to be a reliable employee you have the ability to transfer to any location, and since there are thousands of Starbucks locations around the world, this means you can move to just about anywhere and still have a job, which is pretty cool.

What does it take to get a job at Starbucks?

Getting a job at Starbucks is a beautiful experience; you will need to improve yourself to be the perfect candidate. You can make a research on the company background and learn about their mission statement. If you are applying to a retail location then having Barista experience is a huge plus, but they also have training programs so you can learn on the job too. This makes Starbucks a great option for recent graduates looking to gain some work experience and build up their resume a bit. 

You can also visit the local shops in your area and observe the customers to find out what they really like about Starbucks, or you can look for their competition and try to find out new ideas and new aspects to improve their work. Don’t forget that Starbucks has locations in malls, business centers, and even Target stores that all hire directly through Starbucks. 

On the other hand, looking for open available job positions is easy. You can visit their career page online and you can look for jobs in stores or at the corporate office or you can find recruiters in your area on LinkedIn and contact with them to see if you can send them your resume. Once you find the position you are looking for, fill out your application and send it.

Ready to begin your Starbucks application process? Go direct to the official career portal to begin your search for current openings:

1. Your interview:

It is not a bad idea to bring your resume and a cover letter with you to the interview in order to show up as organized and professional candidate.

2. Dress code:

Try to dress business casual rather than ripped denim jeans or revealing clothes because your look will tell them that you are taking this job seriously.

3. Be prepared:

Practice for a wide variety of interview questions you may face. This may mean you could be asked to tell them something about you or maybe they will ask you to tell them something about the company. So to be prepared gather something about yourself to share and to make good first impression of yourself. *Also read a little bit about the company, how they work, what are their goals as a business, and what are the values you are going to add to their company.

4. Get accepted:

It does not take long to get a response from Starbucks interviewers/HR and on average most applicants hear back about next steps within a week of applying.

How much does Starbucks pay an hour?

Normally the average payment at Starbucks is 11.15$ per hour. If you are a store manager then the payment will be on average to 20.39$ per hour. The lowest payment goes to the barista position on average to 10.34$ per hour. The full time jobs is about 38 hours per week while the part time is about 20-30 hours per week. They also have early shifts starts from 4:30am and ends around 11:00am it is very early and you will need to provide your best performance. 

While the barista gets the lowest payment but they have an equal share in tips, and you need to get 20 hours training in order to become one. However, the training is not hard they know that you can learn this from habit but they want to put you on track. It is against Starbucks policy to wear fake nails or nails polish because it may ends up in the customer’s coffee. Regardless of how, you get payed in your training time so you will get your check with everyone else.

Is working at Starbucks is considered good?

The work hours is very flexible if you are a student, this will be very helpful for you. You will have free drinks at the store you work at also you can take home a free bag of coffee every weak and 30% discount at all of their stores as well. In addition, you will develop your career with a company that consider you as a partner rather than an employee and improve your skills in Customer Service, Teamwork, and Working Efficiently under Pressure.

They have a hotline that called employee assistance you can call them whenever you have a problem with your personal life. If you are a people person, you will be able to develop a relationship with their regulars. There are many different cultures among employees you can find young and old, the experienced and inexperienced employees. You will learn a lot due to this collection of cultures and gain new skills.

In conclusion, if you are considering of having a job that is fun, warm and self-developing then Starbucks is your best choice. You will not be able to find a loving environment better than this one. In addition, it is very flexible job you will have your own time to do other things I mean you can study, Join groups and start developing skills courses. Some say that this is the best job they ever had because they made the time fly and they cannot wait for their shift to start again. So if you are young and you want to fill your time with something useful and getting payed for it then do not wait go to their website and apply right away.

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