How to get a job at Tesla

Everyone loves to work with big companies for different reasons. Bigger salary amounts, better job benefits, more creative or competitive space and so much more. Working with a company like a Tesla is probably everyone’s dream job.

Who would not like to work with a company that is already building on planets away from the earth? Driving cars that run on green energy and power? While a few may be unconcerned about these things, most people will be excited to work for the man named Elon Musk the one time richest man in the world.

The man, Elon Musk, south- African born American businessman is well-known worldwide as one of the forward thinking CEOs of the decade. He established Tesla Motors in 2003, in his bid to create batteries that could power a moving vehicle and reduce emissions worldwide. Tesla has grown to become a big company making unexpected sale and revenue since that time.

The company, which has its headquarters in Freemont, California, in the united states, not only builds battery-powered cars. Since its major concern is about creating sustainable energy, the company also invests in other products such as solar roofs, power packs for devices and more, all at lower costs to its users.

The team is constantly looking for new and emerging talent to assist them in creating a greener world for the future. Want to work with a company that puts your future first? Here are a few tips that could get you well on your way to your first job with them.

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How to get a Job at Tesla & SpaceX

  • RESEARCH: As with every other company, do your due diligence. Learn as much as you can about the company, their mission and vision, their values, the way they view the world around them. All these things are important as they could help[ you build great answers to interview questions and at the same time, prepare you for the kind of work environment that exists within the company.
  • BUILD UP YOUR INTENSE LEVEL: Looking at the founder, Elon musk, he most definitely works great while under pressure. Assume that all members of his company do the same and try to build up your tolerance for working under pressure. To work with a team that is constantly thinking far ahead, you have no way to keep up than to be flexible and able to switch to whatever lane you are needed in at any given time.
  • BE READY: What happens if you bump into the man himself or a hiring manager with the company at a grocery store and you both get talking? Say this person then asks, “oh, you want to work with us? What can you offer?” would your reply be “Oh, please give me a minute so I can get my resume from my house just down the road” or “I am not ready for these questions now, can we meet later?”

Your response should be a summary of your skills, off the top of your head while enumerating that a sit-down with him in a more relaxed environment would also benefit him as an employer.

By being prepared and capturing this person’s attention, you have opened a door into this person’s schedule. An interview date could be planned and set right there and bang, you have yourself an interview with Tesla!

Most In-Demand & Common Jobs at Tesla & SpaceX

TESLA and all its partner companies like SPACE X are driven by innovation. They thrive on this. Jobs in different fields including:

Salary & Compensation Range at Tesla & SpaceX

According to employee review sites, most of their employees have excellent reviews on payment packages and benefits given to them by the company. Praise for the CEO, of course, is also very well noted.

For engineers, an average salary of about $47,407 is made to the least paid engineers in the company while the highest-paid get an average of $129,007 per annum.

While some positions are paid monthly as is the norm, some positions allow for weekly salary payments-especially temps and those in contract positions. Other benefits include payment of school loans systematically and suited to the employee with reduced payment plans. Sick leave pay, retirement plans, and more.

Things to Include on Your Resume

Highlight your strengths: especially those experiences that show your innovative/flexible traits. Put these characteristics first as these are the things that the company looks for individuals.

Be concise: Be straight forward, and to the point. Avoid writing or saying too many things in order to get your point across to the reader.

Be proactive: you will need to be proactive to get a position in this company. Thinking ahead, assessing your position and where you fit. This kind of activity lets the company know that you are ready for tasks that may come in hand at any time.

Once you have made sure your resume is “ELON MUSK” ready, get to submitting your resume on the website or walk into any of their offices and ask them about their applicant procedures. Go through them diligently and network with the people you meet. You never know who you may bump into at any time.

Apply to Tesla Here:

Apply to SpaceX Here:


Does Tesla employ only engineers and those in the manufacturing industry?

No, all job positions are available in Tesla and its sister companies from engineering to administrative and supervisory roles.

How good are the employment benefits for the company SPACE X?

Based on reviews made and posted online, most employees are satisfied with their salary and benefits packages offered to them.

Why is a TESLA car so expensive?

So far, due to the popularity and convenience of petrol and diesel engine vehicles, tesla is still pretty low on the wanted scale of many consumers. With time, more people will gravitate towards these cars, thereby increasing sales and reducing the cost of production. This will help bring down prices of Tesla’s battery-powered cars.

What is the minimum age requirement to work in any of Elon Musk’s companies?

This depends on the country you are applying form. The legal work age for the country you are eligible to work in will be the requirement, however, programs for undergraduate s and students are also available for young creative minds to flourish in while still attending to their studies.

Hopefully, this gives you a general idea of what the company is about, what they look for and how to apply properly for a job with TESLA.

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Have fun!

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