Working at Walmart: Not as Bad as You’d Think

Walmart, the well known american giant Multinational company is familiar to a lot of people within and outside the states. Known for its discount stores and cheap grocery shopping units, the company has grown into a worldwide brand. The Walton family owned company was started by Samuel Walton in 1962 and incorporated in 1969. As of today Walmart has over 12 subsidiaries that are doing just as well as the parent company and is a registered stock on the NYSE market. 

Due to the size of the company, a lot of job opportunities exist within the company. From Supervisors to cargo/packaging workers. There are no easy or hard jobs with Walmart, it all depends on your specialization or what you know how to do and what you excel at.

Your skills will determine how easy or hard your job description can be. Most of their stores have application centers where you can submit a CV/Resume as well as registering a profile on their website online. Visiting the careers page on their portal will lead you to the resume submission page. 

Benefits of Working At Walmart

Many people have criticized Walmart over the years for everything from relatively low hourly wages to lack of healthcare. While many of these criticisms are valid, and we hope Walmart continues to improve, it does not negate the fact that for many with odd schedules, zero work experience, or people needing immediate employment it is a trusted and reliable source of instant work and thus, a dependable paycheck.

A lot different types of jobs exist in each and every Walmart, and given they have a presence in almost every medium-to-large sized city in America, there is plenty to go around.

The jobs themselves vary from position name to work hours to pay. Walmart has different payment methods including hourly payments on shifts as well as daily payments. So you can decide to go to night school and work at the same time. 

Most In-Demand Jobs at Walmart Include: 

  • Hourly paid jobs
  • Warehouse and packaging jobs
  • Cashier (check out our Cashier resume guide for help writing an effective resume)
  • Store Manager
  • Sales associate (check out our Customer Service resume guide that overlaps with Walmart Sales Associate responsibilities) 
  • Back-end Associate/Stock person
  • Store assistant/ cleaner (check out our Operations Manager resume guide for mid-senior level store management positions)
  • Military service jobs
  • Pharmacists (for Walmart Supercenters with in-store prescription drug services)
  • Student internships and more.

These are jobs that exist and are not limited to the total number of jobs that Walmart gives out. Given the sheer size of their workforce positions are constantly opening and closing so make sure to check back frequently for updated positions. 

If you are ready to begin your job hunt at Walmart you can go directly to their careers page here:

Once you’ve identified the role you want, it’s time for applying. The online registration form is uploaded (either from your home PC or via an in-store application booth) and it is pretty easy to fill. Required headings include:

  • Personal information including age, gender, e.t.c.
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • How soon can you start work 
  • Your past work experiences
  • Your stand-in references
  • Preferred job departments

Upon submission, if the position applied for is open and available, then the Hiring unit will reach out to you for an interview. This process involves an assessment test and a face-to-face interview with a store manager. 

How to Fill Out the Walmart Assessment Form Correctly

The assessment form includes a bit more information than the registration form. this form is not needed for all jobs positions available. It is used to figure out your compatibility with the company and where you can be of more benefit to the organization. You can get this application online or at any of their hiring spots at their stores.

If you are applying in person, keep copies of your documents in case they are required of you while submitting the filled form. When applying online, please make sure you have soft copies of the same documents so you can upload whatever is needed immediately. 

Walmart accepts applications in 2 languages, Spanish and English languages. If you are bilingual this is an enormous advantage as the demand for flexible staff is higher than ever before across most of the United States. 

The first thing you will do while completing the assessment form is to accept that Walmart can conduct a background check on you. This is not to discriminate against anyone, whether formerly incarcerated or not, it is just to make sure that all proper information needed is available for the company. Also to vet your behavior when the job is accepted by you. Drug tests may also be conducted to check your mental status before you are offered a position. 

If you have a client account, that cannot be used for applications. You will need to create an applicant account and if you already have one, just log in as an already existing applicant. 

Tips for Filling Out an Impressive Assessment Form

  • Choose your preferred state/city where you would like to work in, preferably the one where you live to aid commuting to and fro work.
  • Add up your contact details; Email, mobile phone number, house line, e.t.c. It is advisable to you numbers or emails that you have immediate access to. So as to avoid missing out on a call for an interview.
  • Let them know your Schedule: How much time to you have available ti work? Full-time? Part-time? How many days a week? Information like this helps them know when and where to place prospective employees.
  • Confirm that you have the papers to work legally : You need papers to work in the country where the position you applied for is, If you do not have your papers, you should start the process of getting them so that you may be taken seriously for the job position.
  • Include your certificates/diplomas: Add up any information you think will be relevant, work or school wise. All these help you get higher paying positions in the company.

Next step is to confirm if you have a criminal record with local authorities and within the country. This part also includes questions about salary expected and more. Always ask for the upper limit of what is possible for the role, which varies from state to state. Remember to answer questionnaire truthfully as there will still be a background check anyways so there is no point in lying. 

Don’t worry, if Walmart doesn’t work out there are plenty of other large reliable employers that are always looking for workers, including Amazon, Costco (best benefits), Target, Starbucks or if you’d rather work for yourself, Uber or Lyft.

This Walmart hiring questionnaire has 65 questions from 5 different sites, and the questions you get will vary depending on the location and the position you are applying to. Some sample questionnaire questions include:

  • Questions about your ability to manage people and your team will be asked in various ways and with examples of imagined scenarios. 
  • Another question analyzes the unit you are applying to
  • There are also general work related questions about your past job experiences.
  • Finally random questions testing our assessment behavior will be asked. The questions in this part are usually more than questions from all the others.

Once you are done, click and submit. You can always log back in to review your input, check whether the position has been filled or apply for another job position you may have come across. 

Remember to be truthful in all your answers. There is always a job at Walmart for everyone.  From those who are paid between $10-$13 dollars per hour to those who are paid weekly, daily and more. And everyday, new opportunities open up for people to work.



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